Estate-grown wines

The land and the soil

The south-facing vineyards are situated between 430 and 470 metres above sea-level. The entire hillside is in fact what is left of the right bank Rhône glacier moraine. The soil is a light to medium-light alkaline clay, both gravelly and sandy. The vine-stocks, some over thirty-five years old are pruned according to the Guyot medium-tall method. Planting stands at over 6,000 stocks per hectare.

All nine varieties of grapes grown on the estate are harvested by hand, in keeping with the le Rosey’s approach to wine-making based on close attention to detail and tradition.

The vine-stocks

At the same time the estate is now embarking on new ventures. Recently raised vine stocks, such as Garanoir, Gamaret and Charmont, specially created to match local soil and climate have been planted along with well-known Syrah, Pinot Noir and white Sauvignon. Some of the red wines are now being matured in oak casks known as “barriques”. Chasselas, a traditional local variety, is allowed to develop into a naturally sweet wine.

A careful reading and understanding of the estate’s long-standing tradition and character is the cornerstone of the present owners’ reflections, inspiration and outlook. With an eye to the future, they draw on the age-old experience of le Rosey and constantly strive to enhance both the château and its wines.

Ecologically sound wine growing and working methods have enabled the entire estate to obtain the Bio-Inspecta certification. Similarly, a thermal pump assures effective temperature management during cultivation and production.

From the harvest through to the bottling, the entire wine production process is carried out on the premises: new stainless steel vats allow highly precise temperature regulation and the optimal extraction of aroma and colour. French, lightly toasted oak barrels enable maturation that preserves the properties of each grape.

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